Monday, June 10, 2013

Mental Scripts and Free Will

Mental Scripts and Free Will
The common story is that we have free will, we can be anything we want to be, and we can choose our destiny.  While I do not think that is impossible, the real story is more like this:  The story of our destiny is formed by our experiences and other people around us.  From day one, as we grow, we are taught what we are supposed to be, and despite ourselves, we grow to fit into this idea that was handed to us.   No matter who you are, you cannot claim you got there through hard work and personal responsibility.  While you may have worked hard and been responsible, you did so because you were growing into the role that was shaped for you by others.  Genetics further plays a role in this as you are programmed by your genes to react to your environment in very specific ways.  While we do not yet fully understand the complexities of this, the concept of free will and and choice begins to dwindle.  Not only are you biologically predisposed to act to your environment in a certain, you have no control over your environment until you are already conditioned to it in a specific way.  How you  are supposed to act and the choices you are supposed to make have been shaped by your parents, community, television, and experiences.  You have built a mental script in your head about the way things are supposed to be, and you are living to fulfill that script as much as possible.  You may make choices, but your ability to make choices are limited by these things, and while everybody wants more, and we think there is the possibility that things could have been different, it is simply not true. We grow into the mental script that has been drilled into us without exception and where we are in life reflects the way we think reality ought to be despite our other potential desires.

Unless of course you begin to take control of your mental scripts, deconstruct years of conditioning, and change the external environment in such a way that your genes express themselves more favorably.  By reading this article, your mental script has already begun to change as you digest this information, or any information for that matter.  First you need to identify all of your personal scripts, deepest held beliefs, and then deconstruct them.  Throw them away.  Once you have as clean of a slate as you possibly can, the effort to rebuild them begins by exposing yourself to the influences you desire instead of the influences you come across by chance.  Think about what you read and watch.  Think about how the news stream you turn to influences you.   You have block and prevent the influences that may impede your goals and allow you to sell yourself short. 

How you reconstruct your mental scripts is vital to your success.  Your deepest thoughts can be reprogrammed by restructuring your language to be clear, positive, and directive, and incorporate this into your subconscious information stream.

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