Thursday, May 9, 2013

Live in 4 dimensions

Einstein was a genius because he thought in 4 dimensions.  Everybody knew that time existed, but they had no idea what it really was or how it worked, and Einstein figured it out.  That is amazing!  And what is also amazing that he left his knowledge behind for the rest of us to consider, and use it to get the most out of our lives.

See, most people live their lives in 3D.  They understand that they fill this space and they can make choices that change or manipulate this space.  They have learned the rules to do this and understand that they can manipulate space any way they want as long as they follow these rules (also known as physics).  But, very few people live in 4D, which includes time.  This changes the rules under which one operates.  Einstein created a whole new physics.  While most understand how to impact space, and we realize that time exists, few people know how to impact time, let alone understand that as an option.

So how does one use his or her life to change and impact not only space, but also time.  To do this, simply shape your actions so that they have a ripple effect and continue to have an impact over time.  For example, somebody who builds their house out of brick has a longer lasting impact than one who builds his house out of straw.  The brick house will continue on for a longer period of time, therefore the act of building has had a greater influence.  More people will live in it, more people will see it on the road, and it will have a different impact on nature, lasting longer and touching more through time.  Everything you do should design to have an optimum impact on time.  Perhaps that's why mankind has always tried to build a legacy.  The legacy continues to live on long after you have passed, and you have created a larger impact in 4D.  You have then truly lived a great life.  Its time to start thinking of how your actions will live on for 2000 years or more and continue to influence reality.  What are you doing to be great?

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