Monday, January 14, 2013

Social Scripts

Mental scripts are the ideas and language that run through your head on a constant basis and shape your attitudes and behavior.  Individual mental scripts can be very powerful and it is very useful to identify the scripts that you have.  Beyond your individual mental scripts however, are social scripts which are reflected in the culture and civilization you live in.  It is the story of the people.  Of course social scripts have a huge influence on your individual mental scripts, but they act more as a collective mental script which outlines the values of societies.  It is the narrative by which a society churns.

While there are many social scripts, Charles Eisenstein discusses societies narrative around money and has an interesting perspective on how that script is evolving.  According to Mr. Eisenstein, this social narrative defines the values of what is possible, what is real, what is valuable, and good.  He states that our current story of money is the old story.

In our modern society, we are bombarded by our social scripts non-stop.  We are barraged by the TV, the internet, social media, and more.  It is worthwhile to detach yourself from that narrative and listen to the narrative of silence to clear that story out of your mind for a minute.  Instead, work to create your own story, listen to alternative stories, and question where that narrative comes from.  Take a minute to decide if that social script is correct or if it needs revising or editing.  It is vital to question the narrative and find that which is pure and good.  Charles Eisenstein does exactly this.  I want you to pay close attention to the source of the social scripts and work be the source of a contribution to that script.  Make the collective script an original, unique, and good one.

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